Nonsensical Whatnotterist (random_nexus) wrote,
Nonsensical Whatnotterist

State Of The Ficcery: All Good Things Must Come To An End...

Hi, there, m'friends.

Sadly, as many of you now know, LiveJournal has forced us to agree to a TOS that is, at least for most American users, impossible to legitimately agree to, as the original document is in Russian and the translation we're provided is disclaimed by that very agreement we're being forced to click on if we want to access our LJ blogs. So, in good conscience, since the Russian government have decided to hate on half the populace (the LGBTQIA community at large), most of what I have posted and would be posting would be illegal in their draconian and quite neanderthalish opinion, and I really don't want to find out some knuckleheads living both in the Dark Ages and Russia want to sue me or bring criminal charges against me. I have many thoughts on this, most of them shouty and sweary, but I'm fairly sure most of you will already be able to figure out the gist of them and so we can move on.

I'm going to be deleting my LiveJournal blogs, the origfic one and this one (I'll duplicate this message over on the origfic blog), so if you want to keep anything here, you'll need to DL it ASAP. I have archived pretty much everything here on AO3, from both blogs, and you can find me there at this URL: Random_Nexus. Please do join me there, if you can. I don't WANT to leave LJ, but the penis-craniums in charge of LJ have made it impossible not to do so. I'm sorry, because LJ has been the first place I posted my fanfic and where I met so many of my fandom friends. I adore you all for the bajillions of awesome comments and the amazing support you've shown me. I don't think I'd be the writer I am today, certainly wouldn't be published, if not for my experiences on LJ. It's sad and immeasurably ridiculous that I'm being forced to leave LJ due to a passel of arsemonkeys.

What I'm planning to do is to leave everything as is until Friday (2 days from now) and then start deleting the oldest stuff first and, in the end, leaving this post as a communication/reference point for anyone looking for my fic after that point.

LINKY GOODNESS: I'm Random_Nexus (Or Random-Nexus) on AO3, DW, Tumblr, and Twitter, so don't be a stranger. If you miss saving off something here on LJ you wanted to keep before I delete it, just message me on any of those platforms and I will happily link you to its alternate home. I'm so very unhappy about this, my heart is breaking, and I am so sorry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment on this post.
Tags: ao3, dreamwidth, livejournal, newsflash, psa without guitars, signal boost, state of the ficcery, tumblr, twitter
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