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Back and Forth and Back and Forth... I'm already exhausted. Update.

So, I may be leaving this account open as a free account and just steadily keep deleting entries as I have time.

Thing is, I'm a mod on like 4 LJ communities and I don't want to abandon them entirely. Some don't even have an owner available for contact anymore. *le sigh*

The actual ficcery will continue to happen on Dreamwidth and AO3 going forward; that hasn't changed, but in case you see this LJ still lurking about for a while, that's what's going on.

Thanks immensely to the lovely peeps who've followed me on DW thus far, I have such warm, happy smiles seeing folks are still interested in my words. Y'all rock like tectonic plates, you sweeties! <3
Tags: ao3, dreamwidth, livejournal, newsflash, psa without guitars, thought-process
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